IA Senate Liaison

1.  Recognition
2.  Scope of Agreement
3.  Liaisons
4.  Joint Meetings
5.  Amendments to this Agreement
6.  Termination of Agreement

May 9, 2008



The Santa Barbara City College Academic Senate (hereinafter, "Senate") and the Santa Barbara City College Instructors' Association (hereinafter, "Association") hereby enter into this agreement in order to ensure mutual understanding between the two organizations and their respective membership, and to clarify their separate, but sometimes overlapping functions and responsibilities. The parties to this agreement hereby recognize and affirm their shared goals of maintaining and improving the academic quality of Santa Barbara City College; of strengthening the role of collegial governance at the institution; and of improving the academic, professional, and working conditions of the College faculty. In this spirit, the parties hereto agree to the following:


1.1. The Association recognizes and agrees that the Senate represents the faculty of Santa Barbara City College ("College") in collegial governance relating to academic and professional matters as defined in Santa Barbara Community College District Policy #1200. Specifically, the Association acknowledges the primary role of the Senate in formulating academic policy and professional standards; in promoting faculty enrichment and professional development; in ensuring collegial participation in the governance of the College; and in advising the College administration and the Association on these matters.

1.2. The Senate recognizes and agrees that the Association represents the faculty of the College in all matters pertaining to compensation, benefits, and working conditions and that the Association exercises its responsibilities and authority through its Executive Board ("Exec. Board"). Specifically, the Senate acknowledges the primary role of the Association in the formulation and negotiation of faculty salaries, benefits, and working conditions with the College administration..

1.3 The Association and the Senate acknowledge that their respective spheres of influence and responsibility may, at times, overlap and/or conflict. In general, the two organizations agree that issues pertaining to faculty compensation, conditions and terms of employment, faculty work load, employee safety, security of employment, and other matters commonly considered to be within the realm of the "employee-employer" relationship, including grievance of same, shall fall within the purview of the Association. The two organizations also agree that issues pertaining to academic and professional standards, academic policy, scholastic standards, professional development and faculty enrichment, professional ethics, collegial governance, and other matters commonly considered to be within the realm of "academic" concerns, including grievance of same, shall fall within the purview of the Senate. Further, recognizing that issues will arise that will not clearly fall into either sphere of responsibility; the Association and Senate hereby agree to mutually and cooperatively resolve the disposition of such matters.



2.1. In order to ensure a mechanism for the harmonious and orderly discussion of issues brought before the faculty of the College and in order to make recommendations on the placement of such issues either within the purview of the Senate or the scope of bargaining of the Association, both parties hereby agree to a formal liaison relationship as detailed in Section 3 below.

2.2. The purpose of this Liaison relationship shall be to ensure discussion of specific matters and issues where the rights, responsibilities, and/or authority of the Association and the Senate overlap and/or conflict and to make recommendations to the Senate and the Exec. Board regarding the manner of resolution of such matters, the responsibilities of the Senate and the Association regarding such matters, and the disposition of each issue where there is shared concern.

2.3. In maintaining this liaison relationship both parties shall endeavor to preserve the independence and integrity of both the Senate and the Association in their respective roles as defined above and to preserve the academic integrity of the College.


3.1. The Association and the Senate each agree to appoint an individual to serve as liaison to the opposite organization. The liaisons shall attend all meeting of the partner organization, represent the respective interests of the organization they represent, and report back to there respective organizations on matters of interest.

3.2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3.3 through 3.5 below, the liaisons from each organization shall be welcomed as a guest at all meetings of the opposite organization, with full privilege to participate in the deliberations of the organization to which they are liaison. Liaisons shall not have the privilege to vote or introduce motions in their liaison capacity.

3.3. The liaisons appointed shall be members of the faculty qualified to be members of both the Senate and the Exec. Board.

3.4. At their discretion, the Association and the Senate by mutual consent, may appoint the same individual faculty member to serve as liaison for both organizations.

3.5. The appointed liaison(s) may also be elected members of the Senate and/or the Exec. Board, or both. In such cases, nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting their rights and prerogatives as members of those bodies.


4.1 No less than twice annually, at a mutually agreeable time and place, there will be joint meetings of the Academic Senate Steering Committee and the Executive Board of the Instructors' Association. The purpose of the joint meetings shall be to identify and adopt common objectives and strategies, to coordinate the work of the two organizations, to delegate responsibilities for accomplishing common objectives, and such other business as both organizations deem appropriate.

4.2 The I.A. President and the Academic Senate President shall jointly schedule and set the agendas for the Joint Meetings.

4.3 At the request of either the Exec. Board or the Senate, additional individuals may be invited to these joint meetings.

4.4 At the request of either the Exec. Board or the Senate, additional joint meetings will be scheduled to address specifically defined issues.


This agreement may be amended upon the recommendation of either party hereto and a majority vote by both the Senate and the Exec. Board.


This agreement may be terminated by either the Senate or the Association by a majority vote of their respective governing bodies provided that a written notice of intent to terminate by one organization is conveyed to the President of the other organization no later than ten (10) working days prior to any vote to terminate.




Revised Agreement Approved:
Academic Senate: April 16, 2008
I. A. Executive Council: May 9, 2008